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[07:21 am]
TF- -- top lel
[06:44 am]
OP)Apos -- I'm ashamed
[06:43 am]
OP)Apos -- Most shitty code I've ever produced in my life
[06:43 am]
OP)Apos -- I finished coding a forum in asp. All done in less than 3 days
[06:41 am]
Azrael -- "The government has been illegally tapping the phoneline of every citizen in the country, perhaps we should do something about-" "Sorry Congresswoman, we have to stop you right there. Now here's Justin Bieber!"
[06:38 am]
Azrael -- It's not like the populace even has a chance to get upset, let alone start rallying. They're always being distracted by the most asinine things.
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