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[01:47 pm]
Azrael -- Partially because lol humans, and partially because people who play mods are dumb xD
[01:47 pm]
Azrael -- If anything, bloated file sizes attract more people to mods, because they assume there must be more content, which will make it more worth their time to download.
[01:46 pm]
Azrael -- The only reason map sizes are so important is because of bnet's transfer speed. You can't transfer mods on bnet, so it doesn't matter.
[01:45 pm]
Azrael -- Lol... who cares about file size for mods?
[01:24 pm]
Dem0n -- IskatuMesk used to make mods that were like 4+ gbs
[01:24 pm]
Dem0n -- Just leave it. That's not even big for a mod.
[11:01 am]
Arkane -- still 300
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