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[01:29 am]
jjf28 -- get in while you can!
[01:06 am]
Jack -- Excal, galactic conquest time!
[01:06 am]
payne -- Marx was definitely not an anarchist, though, hence why he believes in the over-throw with a Proletarian Government
[01:05 am]
Zoan -- I should get back to mah map :lol:
[01:04 am]
payne -- it is part of his beliefs, I guess, that capitalists are the people running the countries, and that they would not stand down from simple words, hence why he got into revolutionnary circles
[01:04 am]
jjf28 -- more like 30 intellectuals in Siberian exile, unite!
[01:04 am]
Zoan -- lol, no problem
[01:04 am]
payne -- oh, I thought it was "Workers of the world, unite!", interesting to see myself corrected on that one
[01:03 am]
payne -- playing sc2, sorry :D
[12:57 am]
Zoan -- I clearly won :P
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