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[12:47 am]
Lanthanide -- by far the best article I've read on brexit:
[12:47 am]
Lanthanide -- admittedly by far the majority of spam / scam posts I see don't have pictures in them like that one did
[12:46 am]
Lanthanide -- I mean, if you were a woman who was thinking about getting a winter coat of some sort, seeing a post like that with lots of pictures might grab your attention
[12:45 am]
Lanthanide -- I think it's mainly to boost googability, but also for every 1000 eyeballs they might get 1 person visiting the site who otherwise wouldn't have
[12:43 am]
Excalibur -- Guys anytime you see one of those spam bots do me a favor and submit a report just in case I miss the post.
[12:41 am]
Fire_Kame -- jjf, I've read before that a lot of scams are made so that people like you and I will avoid them. They won't be able to trap us so they don't there's a balance in how incredibly stupid they have to sound
[12:33 am]
Ahli -- oh no, it's correct... I didn't see the legit post between the deleted spambot posts :<
[12:33 am]
Ahli -- latest posts in portal news is wrong... the one it displays is the second-last one...
[12:31 am]
jjf28 -- wonder who buys off incredibly sketchy posts like that; or maybe it just boosts their googability and gets occasional ad revenue
[12:30 am]
Fire_Kame -- in the same god damn thread #nailed it
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