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[2011-11-14. : 10:58 pm]  OP)Apos -- (Keeping all the configurations to their default values)
[2011-11-14. : 10:58 pm]  OP)Apos -- Question: If I have a 64 bit computer and I compile some c code, does that mean it won't work on a 32 bit computer?
[2011-11-14. : 10:49 pm]  Xlil-InfernoDDD -- TIKELS HAS GAS MASK AVATAR. OBV USS
[2011-11-14. : 10:46 pm]  MC²Voyager7456 -- Wow.
[2011-11-14. : 10:40 pm]  Oh_Man -- wtf y am i on notice
[2011-11-14. : 10:40 pm]  ubermctastic -- Oh_Man is no longer on notice.
[2011-11-14. : 10:40 pm]  ubermctastic -- gee thanks man, I thought you were gonna jump on me but you were pretty understanding about it
[2011-11-14. : 10:38 pm]  Oh_Man -- "Is there a name for this kind of behavior?" Terminal bitchitis.
[2011-11-14. : 10:37 pm]  Oh_Man -- Read my post in your thread*.
[2011-11-14. : 10:37 pm]  Oh_Man -- Talk in here if you want to concoct some master plan. XD
[2011-11-14. : 10:37 pm]  Oh_Man -- Read my thread.
[2011-11-14. : 10:36 pm]  ubermctastic -- if she doesn't dump him after 2 months, I'm going to directly ask her to leave.
[2011-11-14. : 10:35 pm]  ubermctastic -- :]
[2011-11-14. : 10:31 pm]  MC²Voyager7456 -- No problem
[2011-11-14. : 10:31 pm]  MC²Voyager7456 -- Dagger + Poison of Paralysis, sneak behind her and get the backstab critical bonus
[2011-11-14. : 10:31 pm]  ubermctastic -- :facepalm:
[2011-11-14. : 10:30 pm]  MC²Voyager7456 -- It's simple. Kill her.
[2011-11-14. : 10:30 pm]  ubermctastic -- woman*
[2011-11-14. : 10:29 pm]  ubermctastic -- how to remove the womabn
[2011-11-14. : 10:29 pm]  ubermctastic -- however the problem remains :/
[2011-11-14. : 10:29 pm]  ubermctastic -- btw bioatk love the addition to the sig
[2011-11-14. : 10:28 pm]  ubermctastic -- nice ;)
[2011-11-14. : 10:28 pm]  Oh_Man -- Part of my psychological training includes advanced long-distance telepathy.
[2011-11-14. : 10:07 pm]  OP)Apos -- Neat!
[2011-11-14. : 10:07 pm]  OP)Apos -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roguelike
[2011-11-14. : 10:07 pm]  OP)Apos -- I had to search that word up...
[2011-11-14. : 10:05 pm]  HCM™Aristocrat -- Apos: Roguelikes
[2011-11-14. : 10:05 pm]  OP)Apos -- Wait, we're in it
[2011-11-14. : 10:05 pm]  OP)Apos -- You know what would be cool? A game where if you die, you don't revive
[2011-11-14. : 10:04 pm]  Ahli -- ;S I'm trapped in a bug in skyrim. delphine attacks me but I cant kill her for that because she is a quest char and can't be killed... ahhh so I need to die
[2011-11-14. : 10:01 pm]  ubermctastic -- Oh_man caught me :/
[2011-11-14. : 10:00 pm]  :DevliN: -- Haha
[2011-11-14. : 9:55 pm]  Azrael -- Lmao :P
[2011-11-14. : 9:54 pm]  TiKels -- I'm 1 for 1884
[2011-11-14. : 9:54 pm]  Azrael -- I always hate clues, doesn't matter which side I'm on ^^
[2011-11-14. : 9:54 pm]  TiKels -- awesome I made an intelligent post 8D
[2011-11-14. : 9:53 pm]  Azrael -- I really hated how the clues kept piling up on me though, it was only a matter of time until someone like Vrael comes along and screws me over. If I'm going to have a textwall about how I should be lynched, I want it to be because of who I've been talking to, or my voting pattern, or the content of my posts :P
[2011-11-14. : 9:52 pm]  Azrael -- I'm not singling you out, "the host" refers to most game hosts :P Yours was better run than a lot of games on here, which is really sad considering it was your first time hosting.
[2011-11-14. : 9:51 pm]  HCM™Aristocrat -- Still very shocked that in the (incomplete) mafia game I hosted, no one picked up on any of the super obvious clues
[2011-11-14. : 9:51 pm]  :DevliN: -- Not to mention that when Vrael found the big clue about you, you managed to turn it around well. :D
[2011-11-14. : 9:50 pm]  :DevliN: -- "assuming that the players aren't being penalized by the host for doing well" Honestly I was trying to be as balanced as possible with my clues, aside from the one Dem0n thing. Considering by the end I saw more people claim my clues were too difficult to get, I'm guessing the numeral was the only really easy one that didn't take much digging to get.
[2011-11-14. : 9:43 pm]  Oh_Man -- So rude, tsk tsk.
[2011-11-14. : 9:42 pm]  Oh_Man -- Bondi would want people to play their game not boycott it...
[2011-11-14. : 9:41 pm]  Oh_Man -- LA Noire was a great game I'm not going to boycott it over politics.
[2011-11-14. : 9:39 pm]  Azrael -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqGEyO_H1Ik
[2011-11-14. : 9:36 pm]  OP)Apos -- IT'S ALIVE!
[2011-11-14. : 9:36 pm]  Azrael -- "It's a good thing his mom was so nice, I didn't have to use my tools."
[2011-11-14. : 9:36 pm]  OP)Apos -- FINALLY!
[2011-11-14. : 9:36 pm]  OP)Apos -- I hope my internet works!
[2011-11-14. : 9:36 pm]  Azrael -- has**
[2011-11-14. : 9:36 pm]  NicholasBeige -- "Oh_Man -- Yall shuld go play LA Noire" if you're an ignorant twat who doesn't care about the good people who create your games for you supplementary material (use google)
[2011-11-14. : 9:36 pm]  Azrael -- At any rate, it seems Tikels had made an intelligent post outlining a strategy that appears to be serving the Survirors' best interests, way to show some initiative.
[2011-11-14. : 9:34 pm]  Azrael -- Even if my posts don't contain any clues though (if :awesome: ), they can still contain useful and relevant information.
[2011-11-14. : 9:32 pm]  Azrael -- From the perspective of the player that has the clue on them, I know how shitty it feels to have the host giving hints to everyone about who you are, especially if you've been going out of your way to diplomatically maneuver yourself into not being suspected. I also know from the perspective of everyone else, the game isn't fun when the host just tells you who you should be lynching. It's a lot more satisfying to figure it out for yourself (which is part of the reason I largely ignore host clues and focus on behavior, then find clues that backup my suspicions).
[2011-11-14. : 9:29 pm]  Azrael -- Yeah which is why online ends up allowing for more strategy, assuming that the players aren't being penalized by the host for doing well :P
[2011-11-14. : 9:27 pm]  :DevliN: -- I've never played Mafia in person, though
[2011-11-14. : 9:27 pm]  :DevliN: -- Seems like it would be difficult to form alliances in person with everyone sitting around a table
[2011-11-14. : 9:27 pm]  Azrael -- There's more diplomacy and cunning online I think.
[2011-11-14. : 9:27 pm]  Azrael -- The good thing with online is you have more freedom to develop strategies and map out possibilities and form an alliance or mobilize your already existing alliance properly.
[2011-11-14. : 9:24 pm]  Azrael -- The two guys with any red on their shirt are looking at each other, everyone knows one is innocent already, the end.
[2011-11-14. : 9:24 pm]  Azrael -- That would be so fucking gay.
[2011-11-14. : 9:24 pm]  Oh_Man -- Now can someone explain to me the different between Arkham City Collectors and Limited Editions??
[2011-11-14. : 9:24 pm]  Azrael -- Yeah, it's a little bit worse. Imagine real life Mafia where you have a host that goes "Okay, and before you vote, know that ONE OF THE MAFIA IS WEARING A RED SHIRT, k go."
[2011-11-14. : 9:23 pm]  Oh_Man -- Yall shuld go play LA Noire
[2011-11-14. : 9:23 pm]  ubermctastic -- I feel like mafia is kinda lame online because you cant make small talk or judge someones innocence by there reactions
[2011-11-14. : 9:23 pm]  Azrael -- Not to mention one seemingly obvious fact that makes Researchers useful which I'm incredibly surprised no one has figured out yet. I didn't outright state it but assumed it would be clear enough on its own.
[2011-11-14. : 9:22 pm]  ubermctastic -- Oh_Man, where did you learn such atrocious grammer?
[2011-11-14. : 9:22 pm]  Azrael -- All clues are bad clues, I'd rather there not be any clues. My clues are sophisticated enough that someone would have to put at least a minimal amount of effort into figuring them out, and they are player-generated, so the USS can stop them via killing the Researchers, or behavioral analysis could actually be used for once (what is supposed to be the primary focus of Mafia games) and then use falsified clues to incriminate those you think are guilty, or they might be suggested to always falsify evidence against survivors and think it is legit, or any number of other things.
[2011-11-14. : 9:21 pm]  ubermctastic -- i put an end to tht
[2011-11-14. : 9:21 pm]  ubermctastic -- HIYA!
[2011-11-14. : 9:20 pm]  Oh_Man -- qiuck every1 splel wrds incrctly!!!
[2011-11-14. : 9:19 pm]  TiKels -- he hates EVERYONE
[2011-11-14. : 9:19 pm]  TiKels -- demon, poison doesn't hate you
[2011-11-14. : 9:18 pm]  Oh_Man -- grammar nazi is also a mafia nazi?!?!
[2011-11-14. : 9:17 pm]  Dem0n -- It's funny how you pick me out from all of the mafia hosters when lil's game (no offense to him) was one of the weakest we've had so far, as said by many of the people who played.
[2011-11-14. : 9:16 pm]  Dem0n -- @poison: you seriously need to hop off my dick. Your constant negative critisism of everything I do doesn't bother me.
[2011-11-14. : 9:15 pm]  Dem0n -- Well yeah, that was a bad clue, I admit. D:
[2011-11-14. : 9:15 pm]  Azrael -- Like when you gave someone's join date for example.
[2011-11-14. : 9:14 pm]  Azrael -- At any rate, if I incorporated these same clues into the actual game posts, people wouldn't care. Their issue is that I'm telling them factually "This points at a USS" and they are unable to discern a name from it.
[2011-11-14. : 9:14 pm]  Dem0n -- I did? When did that happen?
[2011-11-14. : 9:11 pm]  poison_us -- I don't think it was quite that bad, but close.
[2011-11-14. : 9:10 pm]  Azrael -- Yeah, I've heard he basically hand-picked every Mafia who would be lynched lol.
[2011-11-14. : 9:09 pm]  poison_us -- Demon's was a phenomenally bad example of proper hosting, IIRC.
[2011-11-14. : 9:09 pm]  Azrael -- It's like, why even host if you aren't going to let the players play? If you wanted to affect the outcome of the game so drastically then you should have let someone else host.
[2011-11-14. : 9:09 pm]  poison_us -- I know. Sometimes its pathetic.
[2011-11-14. : 9:08 pm]  Azrael -- Some of these Mafia games I get the impression that the host is about to post a screenshot showing who he sent Mafia role PMs to.
[2011-11-14. : 9:08 pm]  Azrael -- The players should decide the game's outcome, not the host. The host isn't supposed to be playing, he's supposed to be facilitating gameplay for the players.
[2011-11-14. : 9:07 pm]  Azrael -- @Poison, yes really.
[2011-11-14. : 9:07 pm]  Azrael -- Although you've gotten 2 USS already so you have to figure some of the clues up to that point are no longer valid.
[2011-11-14. : 9:05 pm]  Azrael -- I can tell you that among the outlandishly complicated "puzzle-like" clues, there are those which are significantly easier and could be figured out by the same sort of associations used in standard Mafia clues, albeit by a few degrees of separation or in a less obvious way. Still, nothing that couldn't be figured out by actually carefully considering it in a Mafia-like way for a few minutes. But you get a few people to go "herp derp dis is too hard thees is impossiblez" and everyone shrugs and forgets about them.
[2011-11-14. : 9:03 pm]  poison_us -- " [03:55 pm] Azrael.Wrath -- The host shouldn't act as a DM deciding who lives and dies by deciding who to reveal or which Townies to frame." Oh really?
[2011-11-14. : 9:02 pm]  Azrael -- Although, I'm sure someone will figure it out before the game ends.
[2011-11-14. : 9:01 pm]  Azrael -- Doesn't matter if they mean nothing, doesn't matter if no one ever figures any out. Even if they are just gibberish, it opens up a number of strategies, one of which you yourself utilized on at least one occasion. It also has additional utility which apparently no one playing has realized yet.
[2011-11-14. : 9:01 pm]  HCM™Aristocrat -- Role distribution putting Roy, Azrael, Aristocrat, Vrael, and DevliN as mafia is going to be way more responsible for the game's outcome
[2011-11-14. : 9:00 pm]  HCM™Aristocrat -- Better tell us solutions when game ends or you get Negligent Civilian
[2011-11-14. : 9:00 pm]  ubermctastic -- :O
[2011-11-14. : 9:00 pm]  Azrael -- Player actions should be at least 98% responsible for the game's outcome.
[2011-11-14. : 9:00 pm]  HCM™Aristocrat -- They mean nothing
[2011-11-14. : 9:00 pm]  HCM™Aristocrat -- Your math puzzle clues confound me, Azrael
[2011-11-14. : 8:59 pm]  Azrael -- The game's design should assume equality in player skill across the board, have a standard for clue distribution setup from the beginning which won't change regardless of how the game progresses, and then let the game play out according to the players, not according to the host.
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