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[2016-7-26. : 10:22 pm]
Generalpie -- I think I did pretty good solo queuing competitive before it went belly-up
[2016-7-26. : 10:22 pm]
Dem0n -- Do you play CS:GO with pubs? Because I'd kill myself after like 1 game with those people./
[2016-7-26. : 10:21 pm]
Generalpie -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: though much more relevant:
kek, fucking Meg
[2016-7-26. : 10:21 pm]
Generalpie -- I usually play CS: GO community casual, usually surfing
[2016-7-26. : 10:21 pm]
jjf28 -- though much more relevant:
[2016-7-26. : 10:19 pm]
jjf28 --
[2016-7-26. : 10:19 pm]
Generalpie -- I usually get a group of friends or co-workers
[2016-7-26. : 10:18 pm]
Generalpie -- I don't play it alone, usually.
[2016-7-26. : 10:18 pm]
Dem0n -- Or has that fad ended
[2016-7-26. : 10:18 pm]
Dem0n -- Do you all still play Overwatch >__>
[2016-7-26. : 10:18 pm]
jjf28 -- naw, all lesbians in 'murica are smokin', otherwise they're faking it for attention, duh
[2016-7-26. : 10:18 pm]
Generalpie -- Might be attributed to the area I lived in though.
[2016-7-26. : 10:17 pm]
Generalpie -- Lots of gay dudes though
[2016-7-26. : 10:17 pm]
Generalpie -- I don't think I actually met a lesbian in Germany.
[2016-7-26. : 10:17 pm]
Generalpie -- Then again, that could just be in 'murica.
[2016-7-26. : 10:16 pm]
Generalpie -- Sand Wraith
Sand Wraith shouted: Okay I see what you mean now, Gp, Lanth. It doesn't help at all with breaking stereotypes.
I have no problem with the stereotype at all. If anything a physically strong lesbian goes against the stereotype of the fat lesbian more than anything else.
[2016-7-26. : 10:09 pm]
Generalpie -- Sand Wraith
Sand Wraith shouted: besides, when I say I'm intolerant to intolerant beliefs, I'm more interested in the behavior that is expressed. However, if they try to disseminate that intolerance, I'm perfectly fine with talking to them (except that apparently, that's intolerance!!!)
Talking and discussion isn't any more intolerant than merely talking about breakfast. It's when discussion is micromanaged and regulated by a party to change narratives is when it's intolerant, which is usually what happens when discussing with extreme progressive leftists. That said, I'm glad censorship of such subjects and the like don't happen on SEN.
[2016-7-26. : 10:07 pm]
Generalpie -- Sand Wraith
Sand Wraith shouted: Generalpie one must tolerate?... I don't think so. Tolerating intolerance is tantamount to intolerance itself because the behavior of tolerance permits the intolerant behavior to continue, proliferate, or escalate. Taking a black and white approach to bring tolerant toward intolerance is suicidal on the part of the tolerant because if the intolerant party decided to reproduce its intolerant ideology, the tolerant party can only roll over and die by the Nth generation.
If you censor bad ideologies, nobody will really know if they're bad or why they're bad. And when a central power decides what makes a bad ideology, a shift in power will change what constitutes a bad ideology.
[2016-7-26. : 10:05 pm]
Generalpie -- Sand Wraith
Sand Wraith shouted: They couldn't get an Australian accent for explosions guy, Do New Zealanders have an accent? Pig Hook guy sounds just American, he has a native skin because reasons?? Pharah has a native American skin cuz reasons? there isn't an actual African American character (Lucio is Brazilian)... These are the major fuckups, most else is okay i think
He sounds Australian enough, Yes. Yeah, he does because it's a skin that has no bearing on lore. See previous reason. Not introduced yet, but there are signs pointing to an african american character in the lore. No not really, and yeah.
[2016-7-26. : 10:00 pm]
Generalpie -- Lanthanide
Lanthanide shouted: Generalpie Generalpie yeah, but why choose this particular female to make into a token lesbian?
It was probably totally random. Literally any other character could have been, and it makes no impact. She may as well have not been lesbian.
[2016-7-26. : 8:15 pm]
noobscrub -- xddd #rekt #pray4nice
[2016-7-26. : 7:57 pm]
Corbo -- SEN spits out more errors than the site I made :P
[2016-7-26. : 7:57 pm]
Corbo -- olord
[2016-7-26. : 7:54 pm]
Corbo -- i broke them i did
[2016-7-26. : 7:54 pm]
Corbo -- broke every single standard there is
[2016-7-26. : 7:53 pm]
jjf28 -- WHAT DID YOU DO
[2016-7-26. : 7:36 pm]
Corbo -- like me, you mean? :P
[2016-7-26. : 7:35 pm]
jjf28 -- some people; others mess it up horribly :P
[2016-7-26. : 7:30 pm]
Corbo -- people learn html?
[2016-7-26. : 6:19 pm]
jjf28 -- cause scrubcakekes
[2016-7-26. : 6:11 pm]
Dem0n -- Why am I learning Javascript before HTML? lel
[2016-7-26. : 5:46 pm]
jjf28 -- Sand Wraith
Sand Wraith shouted: jjf28 well you see, distinguishing between OOP and procedural is on fact, upon analysis, a broken concept to begin with...
nope :wob:
[2016-7-26. : 5:39 pm]
CecilSunkure -- we should have an :OOP: smiley
[2016-7-26. : 5:39 pm]
CecilSunkure -- stOOP
[2016-7-26. : 5:33 pm]
Dem0n -- stop
[2016-7-26. : 5:29 pm]
Sand Wraith -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: can we start viewing Procedural and OOP more as a spectrum? :)
well you see, distinguishing between OOP and procedural is on fact, upon analysis, a broken concept to begin with...
[2016-7-26. : 5:10 pm]
trgk -- Happy ending
[2016-7-26. : 5:10 pm]
trgk -- Anyway doomed :D
[2016-7-26. : 5:10 pm]
jjf28 -- deal
[2016-7-26. : 5:10 pm]
CecilSunkure -- Only if the spectrum is called POOP
[2016-7-26. : 5:09 pm]
jjf28 -- can we start viewing Procedural and OOP more as a spectrum? :)
[2016-7-26. : 5:08 pm]
CecilSunkure -- There is a difference between ADT and OOP
[2016-7-26. : 5:06 pm]
trgk -- Hello vector :
[2016-7-26. : 5:05 pm]
CecilSunkure -- or wait. EUDOOP
[2016-7-26. : 5:05 pm]
CecilSunkure -- EUP
[2016-7-26. : 5:04 pm]
trgk -- I was working on OOPing with eud triggers. All gone maybe
[2016-7-26. : 5:02 pm]
CecilSunkure -- It's probably just the tick delay for sending packets out at a frequency
[2016-7-26. : 5:02 pm]
CecilSunkure -- "turn rate" could mean a lot of things
[2016-7-26. : 5:02 pm]
CecilSunkure -- I'm still skeptical as to what the patch notes mean
[2016-7-26. : 5:01 pm]
jjf28 -- matching bnet to LAN
[2016-7-26. : 5:01 pm]
CecilSunkure -- Depends on what "normalizing turn rates" means
[2016-7-26. : 5:01 pm]
jjf28 -- normalizing turn rates would be moving balance towards that of the pro scene in that case :)
[2016-7-26. : 5:01 pm]
CecilSunkure -- yeah
[2016-7-26. : 5:00 pm]
jjf28 -- weren't pro games played on LAN anyways?
[2016-7-26. : 4:50 pm]
CecilSunkure -- :kame:
[2016-7-26. : 4:50 pm]
CecilSunkure -- I have an authentic CJ Entus jersey in my closest
[2016-7-26. : 4:50 pm]
CecilSunkure -- I miss the time when BW was on national korean TV
[2016-7-26. : 4:49 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- $30. O________O
[2016-7-26. : 4:49 pm]
Dem0n -- hosts international tournaments with like $30 pools
[2016-7-26. : 4:48 pm]
Dem0n -- the master of memes
[2016-7-26. : 4:48 pm]
CecilSunkure -- who is JiN
[2016-7-26. : 4:48 pm]
Dem0n -- "not like anyone cares about competitive BW anymore." You clearly haven't met JiN LMAO
[2016-7-26. : 4:47 pm]
CecilSunkure -- heh. fire demon.
[2016-7-26. : 4:46 pm]
CecilSunkure -- you're fired dem0n
[2016-7-26. : 4:45 pm]
Dem0n -- tbh let's just go to the sc2 style where everything is downloaded directly from the Blizzard servers and you can't actually host a game, but just join whatever's already up there LEL
[2016-7-26. : 4:44 pm]
CecilSunkure -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: I doubt they are that close to their bandwidth capacity, especially given the number of players still in the game
Doesn't matter. It'd be about convincing shitty managers that it's a good idea
[2016-7-26. : 4:44 pm]
CecilSunkure -- trgk
trgk shouted: They've already spent moeny to do this patch
Business people are OK with single time costs. They really hate recurrent cost.
[2016-7-26. : 4:44 pm]
jjf28 -- the decline of*
[2016-7-26. : 4:43 pm]
jjf28 -- I doubt they are that close to their bandwidth capacity, especially given the number of players still in the game
[2016-7-26. : 4:43 pm]
CecilSunkure -- lol there's no way he can get his hands on an AK-47

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