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[03:13 am]  Arkane -- default iscript is checked, my custom iscript is at first and the text file is second, merge with default iscript is unchecked
[03:12 am]  Arkane -- it didnt say
[03:11 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- what error?
[02:51 am]  Arkane -- </3
[02:49 am]  Arkane -- 3:
[02:49 am]  Arkane -- crashed
[02:49 am]  Arkane -- did it a second time
[02:46 am]  Arkane -- then it crashed
[02:44 am]  Arkane -- gave me an error D:
[02:44 am]  Arkane -- I did that
[02:25 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- ok, make the custom iscript.bin the first in the list, and then your txt file second, uncheck merge with default, and then save somewhere ;o
[02:21 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Oh, it says input can be an iscript.bin file ;o
[02:21 am]  Arkane -- hrmmm
[02:20 am]  ShadowFlare -- In its files it uses for defaults, I mean.
[02:20 am]  Arkane -- ;~; I just want my attack to have its own sound
[02:20 am]  ShadowFlare -- *IceCC's folder
[02:20 am]  ShadowFlare -- It just imports the one from IceCC
[02:20 am]  ShadowFlare -- I think that's what the "use default iscript.bin" does, essentially.
[02:19 am]  ShadowFlare -- It's been a while since I looked at it, though.
[02:18 am]  ShadowFlare -- Actually, I think IceCC can use an existing iscript.bin file as a source file (and unless you have decompiled the whole thing and are recompiling the whole thing, you probably want this).
[02:17 am]  Arkane -- so I have to redo everything?
[02:17 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- you can back up data\scripts\iscript.bin and replace that one with the one from your mod and leave use default checked
[02:17 am]  Arkane -- ;~;
[02:17 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- as far as I know
[02:16 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- it won't read an iscript.bin file, it will only read source files
[02:16 am]  Arkane -- then I went to compile and added the .txt file with the changes
[02:16 am]  Arkane -- then I browsed the mod's iscript.bin
[02:15 am]  Arkane -- I unchecked the use default iscript.bin
[02:14 am]  MadZombie! -- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2607667/Is-THIS-Loch-Ness-Monster-Apples-Maps-satellite-image-Nessie.html he was spotted from space 200% confirmed
[02:13 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- How are you opening an iscript.bin?
[02:13 am]  jjf28 -- did it ask you for tree fiddy?
[02:12 am]  MadZombie! -- I'm 99% sure now yep
[02:12 am]  Arkane -- yus
[02:12 am]  MadZombie! -- The lochness monster is real guys :O !
[02:12 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Oh. Wait, you're adding to a mod?
[02:11 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Do not uncheck merge with default iscript.bin
[02:10 am]  Arkane -- 1, i unticked the use default iscript. 2, I opened the iscipt.bin of the mod I'm re editing. 3, i added the .txt file with the change I want to have. 4, I clicked compile and it gave me an iscript.bin that's a default. ;~;
[02:10 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- what does it say when you try to compile?
[02:10 am]  BeDazed -- asdf
[02:06 am]  jjf28 -- make a list of ways that fail, try a way not on the list, repeat.
[02:02 am]  Arkane -- ;~;
[02:02 am]  Arkane -- but how
[01:57 am]  jjf28 -- stop failing at compiling then :P
[01:52 am]  Arkane -- I'm using a custom iscript.bin
[01:52 am]  Arkane -- but it wont compile! D:
[01:52 am]  Arkane -- I already did that
[01:47 am]  jjf28 -- Archmaester Ch'vyalthan
[01:38 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- playsnd in the attack animation
[01:20 am]  Arkane -- how do give custom attack sound? D:
[01:16 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- :wob:
[01:15 am]  Xlil-InfernoDDD -- :wob:
[01:12 am]  :DevliN: -- :wob:
[01:12 am]  :DevliN: -- DANCE BREAK
[12:51 am]  Sand Wraith -- NO
[12:45 am]  Arkane -- i need le help
[12:45 am]  Arkane -- ;~;
[12:45 am]  Arkane -- guys
[11:29 pm]  NudeRaider -- http://imgur.com/gallery/W0TwUzC :3
[09:25 pm]  Xlil-InfernoDDD -- I'm pretty sure official breaks are mandated by law.
[09:21 pm]  jjf28 -- playing hockey with merchandise and a balled up memo on workplace etiquette?
[08:39 pm]  NudeRaider -- yeah you're being graded on how well you spend your free time -.-
[08:07 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Except breaks are silly anyway because you can already do whatever most of the time
[08:04 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Like how much time we spend on breaks vs. on calls, how fast we close out calls, and how well we do on calls
[08:03 pm]  Fire_Kame -- I applied online, and then recruiting is separate from the rest of hr. my company has two buildings do sometimes for some reason my hr rep is in the other building.
[08:03 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Oh, "Job performance" is several categories. :P
[08:03 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- They grade us on like job performance, attendance, and some other stuff that I don't remember
[08:02 pm]  Sacrieur -- because it's all subjective
[08:02 pm]  Sacrieur -- they're such bs
[08:02 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- If we do well we get little papers with stars on them, the managers only exist to give us candy, and all the time is free time
[08:02 pm]  Sacrieur -- A single customer has a bad day and complains about something unrelated to your job performance, clearly not as good as could be with customers, 4/5
[08:01 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- And then they give us candy bars, because my job is just kindergarten. :P
[08:01 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I just don't remember.
[08:01 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- They tell us the categories and tell us how we did and what the expectations were to get the certain numbers
[08:01 pm]  Sacrieur -- Like the jump from 4 to 5 is so much bigger than the jump from 3 to 4
[08:00 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I forgot what category I didn't get 5/5, I got a 4/5 in one
[08:00 pm]  Sacrieur -- usually they grade you on multiple things and if you're not the best in each of them then you end up with a 4/5
[08:00 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- She said I was like one out of only a small number of people to get 5/5.
[08:00 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Gotta shoot for the highest. :P
[08:00 pm]  Sacrieur -- It's really, really difficult to get a 5/5.
[08:00 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- No.
[07:59 pm]  Sacrieur -- consider 3/5 average
[07:59 pm]  Sacrieur -- 4/5's are good too
[07:59 pm]  Sacrieur -- all that wikipedia, obv
[07:59 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I got 5/5 last year, and like 4.something/5 this year. :(
[07:58 pm]  Sacrieur -- sounds terrific.
[07:58 pm]  Sacrieur -- LOL
[07:58 pm]  Sacrieur -- And an addendum of, "Don't overstep your bounds. I am not insubordinate, but don't try to bully me into doing something that you don't have the power to enforce."
[07:58 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Even my old managers, the only time I ever spoke to them was during the annual employee review.
[07:56 pm]  Sacrieur -- My policy is a very clear, "You need to communicate if you want something from me. Don't expect me to read your mind."
[07:56 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- And then I finish eating my sandwich and leave.
[07:56 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I usually have lunch at the same time as my supervisor I guess, and we'll sit near each other in the break room and never say anything.
[07:55 pm]  Sacrieur -- but I mean seriously don't start demanding that I stick around for another hour one minute before I leave
[07:55 pm]  Sacrieur -- I mean I really am terribly approachable though.
[07:54 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- They put me under a new manager, and I have never met them.
[07:54 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I don't know my manager. :P
[07:54 pm]  Sacrieur -- She doesn't talk to me anymore.
[07:53 pm]  Sacrieur -- The only boss I'm not on friendly terms with is this one new manager who I accidentally told off because I didn't know she was my manager.
[07:53 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Online-only applications.
[07:52 pm]  Sacrieur -- that was supposed to be boss's boss*
[07:52 pm]  NudeRaider -- Anyway go either to the entrance area or to a back area on the highest floor. that's likely where the bosses room is. go in and firte him
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