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[11:22 pm]  Xlil-InfernoDDD -- Find a job as a make-shift female sex toy.
[10:55 pm]  Xlil-InfernoDDD -- Intensify buzzing.
[10:52 pm]  Fire_Kame -- You buzz.
[10:49 pm]  Wing Zero -- http://youtubeonrepeat.com/watch/?v=49tpIMDy9BE&from=0&to=290
[09:50 pm]  Leeroy_Jenkins -- Finding All Sounds thats why you always upload the map with the OP and secretly hope they just do it for you
[09:20 pm]  payne -- cya germ
[08:30 pm]  NudeRaider -- gnite
[08:30 pm]  NudeRaider -- +g
[08:29 pm]  NudeRaider -- Though I will say I neither would've thought his experiment could be danerous.
[08:29 pm]  NudeRaider -- :facepalm: I don't even know what to say to this: http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin1999-50.html
[08:23 pm]  Wing Zero -- Blade & Soul looks nice so far.
[08:05 pm]  Devourer -- but that anime is really good :O
[07:53 pm]  Vrael -- SHOUTING
[07:38 pm]  NudeRaider -- shouting is fine though! Continue.
[07:32 pm]  NudeRaider -- when you have no idea what you're talking about you should avoid posting at all.
[07:32 pm]  Dem0n -- you're a few months late, dev :P
[07:32 pm]  Dem0n -- lol of course we've seen it
[06:50 pm]  Devourer -- Shingeki no Kyojin // Attack on Titan is very good, but many have seen it, you probably as well
[06:42 pm]  O)MasterJohnny -- whats a good recent anime
[06:39 pm]  Oh_Man -- The Wolf Among Us - highly recommend
[06:34 pm]  Azrael -- Spice & Wolf does have a manga, though like the anime, it's just based on the books.
[06:22 pm]  Devourer -- ... finishing a series you've been watching for months feels... bad
[06:21 pm]  Devourer -- goatman :hurr:
[06:00 pm]  Ahli -- I've imported a goatman model from D3 into sc2 :hurr:
[05:19 pm]  jjf28 -- not a fan of 'em in java since it auto garbage collects, but in c++ they're excellent for deallocation
[05:18 pm]  jjf28 -- "there are also deconstructors..." destructors ;)
[05:11 pm]  Sacrieur -- A light novel that was turned into a manga that was adapted into an anime.
[05:11 pm]  Sacrieur -- The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi is also a light novel.
[05:10 pm]  Sacrieur -- purest*
[05:10 pm]  Sacrieur -- AKA S&W in its purist form, straight from the original creator.
[05:10 pm]  Sacrieur -- It's a light novel.
[05:06 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- anyway, time to get ready for work.
[04:49 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I've never seen a manga be just a book either. But I've also never read a manga or really looked at one.
[04:45 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- It was a surprise to see a book
[04:44 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Because stuff in the anime section is usually just shitty mangas
[04:42 pm]  Azrael -- Sounds like a retard.
[04:41 pm]  Azrael -- "Oh, this isn't even like a manga. This is just a book."
[04:41 pm]  Azrael -- Of course they have the cover facing out, to attract people to the section since it's the best thing ever.
[04:40 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- It was one that they had the cover facing out, otherwise I wouldn't've even noticed it
[04:40 pm]  Azrael -- 12 is the next one ;)
[04:39 pm]  Azrael -- It was probably 11.
[04:39 pm]  Azrael -- I guess you didn't look at the volume number.
[04:39 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- After thumbing through some pages
[04:38 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- and my friend picked it up and was like "Oh, this isn't even like a manga. This is just a book."
[04:38 pm]  Azrael -- Volume 11 should be coming out in the next couple months.
[04:38 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I pointed it out and was like "O hey I'm aware of that."
[04:37 pm]  Azrael -- Better luck next time :P
[04:37 pm]  Azrael -- "Oh, I saw spice and wolf at the book store. I didn't stop to look at it." Ah, so you had a near-enrichment experience.
[04:36 pm]  Azrael -- You're now a more enriched person.
[04:36 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Actually that's not true. We were looking at sci-fi books which are across the aisle from anime.
[04:36 pm]  Azrael -- " AZ I finally finished watching Spice and Wolf season 2 " Nice ^^
[04:32 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- :awesome:
[04:32 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I didn't stop to look at it. I just kept right on walking past the anime section.
[04:32 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- Oh, I saw spice and wolf at the book store.
[03:59 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- "That's actually why Apple devices suffered (and most still do) from the GOTO FAIL bug" I just looked in to that. :lol:
[03:42 pm]  O)FaRTy1billion -- "Arkane -- my mod is 300mb" What's in the mpq?
[02:15 pm]  Wing Zero -- :wob:
[02:14 pm]  Wing Zero -- AZ I finally finished watching Spice and Wolf season 2
[01:47 pm]  Azrael -- Partially because lol humans, and partially because people who play mods are dumb xD
[01:47 pm]  Azrael -- If anything, bloated file sizes attract more people to mods, because they assume there must be more content, which will make it more worth their time to download.
[01:46 pm]  Azrael -- The only reason map sizes are so important is because of bnet's transfer speed. You can't transfer mods on bnet, so it doesn't matter.
[01:45 pm]  Azrael -- Lol... who cares about file size for mods?
[01:24 pm]  Dem0n -- IskatuMesk used to make mods that were like 4+ gbs
[01:24 pm]  Dem0n -- Just leave it. That's not even big for a mod.
[11:01 am]  Arkane -- still 300
[11:01 am]  Arkane -- did it
[10:48 am]  trgk -- WinMPQ -> compact?
[10:36 am]  Arkane -- but iz still 300mb ;~;
[10:35 am]  Arkane -- so I deleted the .wavs to make it smaller
[10:35 am]  Arkane -- my mod is 300mb
[10:33 am]  Arkane -- D:
[10:33 am]  Arkane -- guize
[09:06 am]  Generalpie -- "payne -- hey farty, in C language, I don't need to open a "{" after an IF or a FOR if there is only one line of code after that command, right?" That's actually why Apple devices suffered (and most still do) from the GOTO FAIL bug
[07:48 am]  Test -- http://pastebin.com/jSg2GqXH is what I usually do when I begin programming in Java.
[07:48 am]  Test -- Having a seperate class is where object orientated programming begins.
[07:46 am]  payne -- you only have one class which can have that central method: why not put everything inside that same class?
[07:46 am]  payne -- but what could be the use of having multiple classes then?
[07:45 am]  payne -- gg good night everyone :bye2:
[07:45 am]  Test -- You want everything that you want done in that method.
[07:44 am]  Test -- You only want to have one instance of public static void main(string[] args) { ... }
[07:37 am]  payne -- I just don't understand how to work with multiple classes...
[07:35 am]  payne -- http://pastebin.com/Zp27jupA why does this not work :massimo:
[07:33 am]  payne -- T_T
[07:32 am]  trgk -- I don't know JAVA. Sorry
[07:31 am]  payne -- so basically, " Cercle c2 = new Cercle(2.7);" just says "create a new object named "c2" which will have its value linked to the "Cercle" method used with the "2.7" value" ?
[07:30 am]  payne -- i has exam today :c
[07:30 am]  trgk -- That was rather a bad example. :( OOP is hard.
[07:28 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I gotta sleep. I got work tomorrow xD
[07:28 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- anyway stop drawing me back in to this, aaaa
[07:28 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- oh
[07:27 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- If you're referring to me talking about a game earlier, I was just trying to think of like a more practical example for a constructor method
[07:27 am]  trgk -- Just an example;
[07:27 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- I don't think he is creating a physics engine. :P
[07:27 am]  trgk -- If you are creating physics engine, then changing radius of circle won't be just "radius = 6.1;"
[07:26 am]  payne -- test, your thing, http://pastebin.com/9a8fn0MD, those "bob" methods are actually useless, right?
[07:26 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- if you had that getRadius method, then you could do c1.getRadius(); and it would return the radius
[07:26 am]  trgk -- "kkaaa" thing was about JAVA
[07:25 am]  O)FaRTy1billion -- like you could do public whatever double getRadius() { return rayon; } .. but it makes more sense to me at least to just make the variable public if you're going to do that xD
[07:25 am]  payne -- what would be a method that could get a private variable to be usable elsewhere? A method with a public local variable which would simply copy that private variable as a return value?
[07:25 am]  trgk -- c1.SetRadius(6.1); // maybe
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