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[06:42 am]  TF- -- those hotkeys aren't highlighted anymore in scmdraft or something?
[06:42 am]  TF- -- sounds cool
[06:35 am]  Dem0n -- Or just click on the trigger and hold down 'o', which is the hotkey for down.
[06:24 am]  Zoan -- It actually works really well
[06:24 am]  Zoan -- he's normally suuuper slow (hes called SLOTH) but when you walk in water he full on sprints at you
[06:23 am]  Zoan -- Anyway, omgosh I just made a sweeeet enemy. He chases you whenever you make sound with your footsteps
[06:22 am]  Zoan -- Too lazy to open that up :P
[05:44 am]  Azrael -- 500 clicks? More like 500 milliseconds.
[05:44 am]  Azrael -- That's the ultimate lazy way to do it.
[05:44 am]  Azrael -- You should probably use text triggers for that.
[05:35 am]  Zoan -- :lol: and I just clicked the down button on scmdraft 500 times to bring a 2 condition and 3 action trigger to the bottom of my trigger list
[05:31 am]  NudeRaider -- too lazy to press one button? Alright, sounds like a genuine mapper. ;)
[04:39 am]  Zoan -- or whisper me on bnet. My acc is RPG
[04:38 am]  Zoan -- Btw, if any of yall ever wanna test out my map just pm me or msg me through the shoutbox
[04:38 am]  Zoan -- Urgh, I wanna make a production thread for my horror map but I'm too lazy to take screenshots..
[04:25 am]  jjf28 -- sleep calls, nightz :cube:
[04:18 am]  jjf28 -- few years back JNE was utter crap, so if you wanted to interact with specific systems you were pretty much out of luck; no good ways to prevent loops from eating all ur processing; java's memory and processing overhead was also much more pronounced; graphics was much less developed so it was huge work to do graphical programming
[04:13 am]  jjf28 -- mm, has an edge with plugins and compatibility
[04:13 am]  Jack[RCDF -- pls to explain?
[04:13 am]  Jack[RCDF -- tbh I never used old java so I couldn't tell you what was bad about it
[04:13 am]  trgk -- I want to have C-speed python.
[04:12 am]  Jack[RCDF -- c++*
[04:12 am]  Jack[RCDF -- C is situationally better than C
[04:11 am]  jjf28 -- but new java is pretty good
[04:11 am]  jjf28 -- not amazing like :cube: c++ :cube:
[04:10 am]  Jack[RCDF -- C is pretty good too, and it's really old
[04:09 am]  ToA -- any of yall play GunZ 2?
[04:09 am]  Jack[RCDF -- New java so gross too ; D
[04:08 am]  jjf28 -- ohi ToA
[04:08 am]  jjf28 -- "Old is gold!" old java... so gross...
[04:08 am]  ToA -- hai
[04:08 am]  CecilSunkure -- Oh, and sure I imagine MVC is fine for web and database related things.
[04:08 am]  CecilSunkure -- Nooo, not in the CS world :P
[04:08 am]  Jack[RCDF -- I think MVC works really well for websites with any kind of database, the separation of concerns is logical and makes code prety clean generally
[04:07 am]  Jack[RCDF -- Old is gold!
[04:07 am]  CecilSunkure -- Yeah you are right, but MVC is still super old
[04:05 am]  Jack[RCDF -- remove or*
[04:05 am]  trgk -- Oh chkdraft code has changed a lot since I've last seen them.
[04:04 am]  Jack[RCDF -- That doesn't make the methodologies bad, though. And if you don't use any methodology, whether your own or preexisting, or the code will be very messy
[04:03 am]  CecilSunkure -- Usually people try to follow a methodology so that they don't have to think. You end up with a lot of bad programmers writing bad code.
[04:03 am]  jjf28 -- the rest is mostly a mess of GUI code, which i'm in the process of subsuming into classes
[04:02 am]  jjf28 -- Common Files contains things that don't use mapping core and are used by most of the high level files
[04:01 am]  Jack[RCDF -- Why do you say that?
[04:01 am]  CecilSunkure -- Methodologies in general are bad
[04:00 am]  CecilSunkure -- MVC is so old xD
[04:00 am]  Jack[RCDF -- MVC all the things
[03:59 am]  jjf28 -- A GuiMap (controls the GUI elements surrounding a map) is a Map File (MPQ handler and IO controller) which is a Scenario File (edits chk data), a collection of GuiMaps exists inside the MAPS class
[03:58 am]  CecilSunkure -- yay that sounds good
[03:57 am]  jjf28 -- At the lowest level is Mapping Core
[03:57 am]  jjf28 -- perhaps I should draw a picture...
[03:56 am]  trgk -- How is chkdraft source organized?
[03:55 am]  jjf28 -- my ClassWindows are working =D
[03:53 am]  CecilSunkure -- I don't want to mess with the ugly
[03:53 am]  CecilSunkure -- jj work more on chkdraft
[03:53 am]  CecilSunkure -- ugh this is so bad
[03:49 am]  CecilSunkure -- He might have been using a library
[03:48 am]  jjf28 -- then decided users couldn't handle it and started using <04> style and didn't feel like updating old methods
[03:48 am]  jjf28 -- perhaps he started using all \x04 style
[03:45 am]  jjf28 -- RIP logic
[03:44 am]  trgk -- There is 'AddString' method for scmd2 text but no counterpart for raw strings, while FindString method gets raw string as argument.
[03:43 am]  trgk -- I can't understand why SI mixed "<04>" style(scmd2) text with "\x04" style(raw) text.
[03:40 am]  jjf28 -- yay I was half wrong :)
[03:31 am]  CecilSunkure -- Great thanks a lot trgk
[03:30 am]  trgk -- That is just some reversed code. Never mind. User code should be in Scmdraft Plugin.cpp
[03:30 am]  CecilSunkure -- It would be great to write a LIT plugin for myself to start using :)
[03:28 am]  CecilSunkure -- Ah that would make slightly more sense
[03:27 am]  jjf28 -- i'm half-guessing it's reverse engineered staredit code
[03:26 am]  CecilSunkure -- wtf is this.
[03:26 am]  CecilSunkure -- I'm just gawking at SICStringList.cpp
[03:25 am]  jjf28 -- the original text trig syntax file?!?
[03:25 am]  jjf28 -- holy nuggets
[03:24 am]  trgk -- vs2003 don't have express edition;
[03:21 am]  jjf28 -- I spy vs2003
[03:16 am]  CecilSunkure -- My god the code in that plugin is ridiculous
[02:59 am]  CecilSunkure -- Wow there was a lot of memory related discussion since I left SEN a while ago
[02:43 am]  trgk -- Example map by red(not me) : https://db.tt/rSFgpTQp
[02:32 am]  trgk -- See my message. The method is essentially replicating Firegraft behavior with EUD.
[02:30 am]  trgk -- The map works in multiplayer because essentially everyone in Fish server has EUD Enabler.
[02:17 am]  jjf28 -- but like I said, if you get your map working with EUD enabler i'll convert it to EUPs for you
[02:15 am]  jjf28 -- if you want to learn why those methods work, god help you: 1.) [EUD] A Mapmaker's Guide for Creating EUDs , 2.) Writing to SC's memory with extended units! , 3.) Method for creating any extended unit! , 4.) Death-Table-Addon EUPs
[02:13 am]  twilight_marine -- Holy Shit
[02:12 am]  jjf28 -- step 2: learn to use the three methods in the first post: Death-Table-Addon EUPs
[02:11 am]  Mini Moose 2707 -- Finally, an SCMD2 plugin with source code. Maybe people can use that to make fun plugins now.
[02:11 am]  jjf28 -- step 1: learn these: [EUD] A Mapmaker's Guide for Creating EUDs
[02:10 am]  twilight_marine -- uhhh where can I learn this power
[02:09 am]  jjf28 -- if only it were that simple
[02:06 am]  twilight_marine -- so you basically use death counts or memory to change game data?
[02:05 am]  jjf28 -- yea, I have maps that can edit anything north of the death table
[02:04 am]  twilight_marine -- or at least people with launchers
[02:03 am]  twilight_marine -- have you made map like that where anyone can play it on battlent
[02:02 am]  jjf28 -- I've made such things possible, I don't know how to do that in specific; someone else would prolly be happy to outline the EUDs
[02:02 am]  jjf28 -- other spells*
[02:01 am]  jjf28 -- you'd have to edit the dat files (which are statically loaded into memory during a game) for something, preferably a rhine, defiler, or ghost, so it had the other weapons
[02:00 am]  twilight_marine -- jjf828 do you know how to make ghosts use stim
[01:59 am]  jjf28 -- mm, if you or someone else outlined the addresses or EUDs for it I could prolly convert it to EUPs
[01:57 am]  Devourer -- http://www.staredit.net/forums/8/ ask what you are looking for here and you will probably receive an answer
[01:57 am]  Devourer -- How to do that, i do not know actually. However, we have some really well trained monkeys on that part as far as I know
[01:57 am]  Devourer -- They were patched out of the game since you could do really weird stuff by blizzard, but apparently, there are new methods or something
[01:57 am]  Devourer -- I was aware of EUD conditions, like, detect the mouse position. EUD Actions are something I never worked with
[01:56 am]  Devourer -- Ok this isn't modding.
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