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[03:35 am]
Wing Zero -- You and your private conversations
[03:30 am]
Azrael -- *high five*
[03:29 am]
Azrael -- I literally lol'd :kame:
[03:28 am]
Azrael -- Lmao Devourer :P I must have missed that whisper from 3 weeks ago, but I just happened to see it while checking something xD
[02:56 am]
Corbo -- I didn't care much, if it was me I'd have liked to learn something new and being taken out of my ignorance, but nooo, humans have feelings and that BS...
[02:55 am]
Corbo -- He got too much BS that he was treating people like stupids and then he stopped doing them like that...
[02:54 am]
Corbo -- Derek has changed. I liked his first videos where he humiliated commoners and explained them physics and proved stuff with small experiments...
[02:12 am]
Dem0n -- mutalisks are badass as fuck
[02:10 am]
Neiv -- SC1 beta had actually really weird balance.. Mutalisks were hatchery tier unit which cost zero minerals but a lot of gas, they had different attack which was even stronger than the current one and so on
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