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[08:01 am]
FaRTy1billion -- wutsit
[07:20 am]
Jack -- archon triangle is impossible
[07:14 am]
Jack -- should be respawns or something
[07:12 am]
Jack -- Wow game is hard
[07:11 am]
Jack -- Hey roy, hype!
[06:59 am]
FaRTy1billion -- :wob:
[05:58 am]
rockz -- my precious avatar space...
[05:23 am]
Apos -- You know what's great? It's the only Raffle I've ever bought a ticket for
[05:22 am]
Apos -- Nope, only the bests win the raffle
[05:16 am]
Wing Zero -- Crap I didnt win the raffle. I call shenanigans
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