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[11:55 am]
Ahli -- k, then I will link that on reddit :)
[11:52 am]
jjf28 -- dunno, we always recommend
[11:51 am]
Ahli -- the scmdraft2 in our database is not the latest version of it, is it?
[11:43 am]
jjf28 -- limao
[07:10 am]
Corbo -- .so... fucm xaptxjas!
[07:10 am]
Corbo -- Sl
[07:09 am]
Corbo -- Ot does not help that i do not remember my owj pw LMAO
[07:09 am]
Corbo -- Tjere os nothing prete d about the steam app captxja
[07:09 am]
Corbo -- Pretend drunk mu ass
[03:52 am]
noobscrub -- xd
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