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[05:01 am]
Azrael -- You need the Sonic mod.
[05:00 am]
Azrael -- In before "omg download a mod to increase the difficulty, mods make the game so great", etc.
[04:59 am]
Azrael -- It's casual as fuck.
[04:48 am]
Corbo -- It never interested me, but everyone just keeps talking about it...
[04:47 am]
Corbo -- dunno
[04:35 am]
Dem0n -- that you have not
[04:35 am]
Dem0n -- heresy
[04:32 am]
Corbo -- I should try skyrim
[04:12 am]
Zycorax -- Need to set it up from the bottom again though, cause one of the core mods isn't working properly :(
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