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[03:13 pm]
Generalpie -- neat
[03:11 pm]
Devourer -- In NRW, every grocery store
[03:08 pm]
Generalpie -- Where would I obtain one?
[03:07 pm]
Devourer -- pie will be banned if not trying Krombacher for 3 more days
[03:06 pm]
Generalpie -- 5pm is way too early to be doing nothing
[03:06 pm]
*Generalpie -- yawns and sips work coffee*
[02:52 pm]
Generalpie -- owo
[02:44 pm]
Devourer -- Roy
Roy shouted: Sand Wraith Mom's spaghetti.
omg fuck
[02:43 pm]
Devourer -- ,lellele
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Members Online: Generalpie, Zycorax, Dem0n, Ahli, Roy, Fire_Kame, Sand Wraith