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[04:01 am]
Corbo -- Oh, I like artic monkeys
[03:59 am]
A_of-s_t -- Did you at least like it? :P
[03:59 am]
A_of-s_t -- Yeah, they're all grown up now :'(
[03:57 am]
Corbo -- I don't think so
[03:56 am]
A_of-s_t -- IDK, w/e
[03:56 am]
A_of-s_t -- Although, are Arctic Monkeys considered indie any more?
[03:55 am]
A_of-s_t -- If you want Indie and cool word play, I'd recommend:
[03:53 am]
Corbo -- lol, this IS pretty indie
[03:50 am]
Dem0n -- I want them to be able to manually attack computers but not humans
[03:50 am]
Corbo -- all the time I am thinking of you, in the sunshine, in a spot in heaven, all the time I am thinking of you, in the sea echo that rumbles in your eyes, I dreamt, I dreamt you.
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