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[02:06 pm]
Roy -- Just omit the first ten shouts on the first history page and put them in the active feed. No duplication.
[02:01 pm]
Devourer -- It looks (retardedly) duplicated
[01:59 pm]
Roy -- Why not keep a mini-Shoutbox above the Shoutbox history that still has the active feed?
[01:36 pm]
Devourer -- My implementation of keeping the shoutbox-textfield-text alive should work even if the textbox was removed from the pages != 0
[01:35 pm]
Sacrieur -- you mean you plan on implementing it so you can post shouts in the present while looking at the past.
[01:23 pm]
Devourer -- well actually my implementation should work either way
[01:18 pm]
Sacrieur -- Why hide?
[12:48 pm]
Devourer -- Hide it, don't remove it
[12:47 pm]
Roy -- I should just remove the text box because it's causing confusion.
[12:47 pm]
Roy -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: Any reason we can't have the shout button on all sb pages?
You can't shout in the past.
Please log in to shout.

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