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[04:50 am]
Corbo -- I would but its my sisters and she does not want to spend the money to buy a new one.
[04:50 am]
Corbo -- You can hear some but imo skip to 20s to hear a lot of them
[04:49 am]
Dem0n -- throw it all out tbh
[04:46 am]
Corbo -- And HD makes clicking sounds
[04:46 am]
Corbo -- Computer turns on but is slow AF
[04:45 am]
Corbo -- Yeah, i am going with "its the HD"
[04:40 am]
Corbo -- It just said selected boot image did not authenticate. LMAO
[04:39 am]
Corbo -- Ok. Here's to frying an HD
[04:38 am]
Corbo -- They are both 5v but the mini one s 0.451A and the laptop one is 700mA
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