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[09:22 am]
Devourer -- Maybe it is, but it totally is not necessary; the normal one can pretty much do everything
[08:15 am]
FlameViper -- Is it possible if we just created our own editor for starcraft 2?
[08:14 am]
FlameViper -- .
[07:32 am]
DT_Battlekruser -- but really, an emacs/vi war in the spambox.. d'awww :)
[07:30 am]
DT_Battlekruser -- emacs/vi shortcuts predate windows :P Also paste in emacs is ctrl+y. Although I confess it helps to know basic vi since for some reason it seems to be on way more things I have to ssh to than emacs
[05:18 am]
Wing Zero -- I want to see a warcraft 4 though
[05:17 am]
Wing Zero -- Devourer
Devourer shouted: Still 200 shouts/24hours on SEN; 12535 since v6 launch. Imagine SEN if starcraft 2 was a great and enduring success and people would go to sites and learn stuff
I think we have a shot if we make it to Starcraft 3
[05:05 am]
rayNimagi -- So I don't bother with Emacs
[05:04 am]
rayNimagi -- Emacs was written in like 1976. They probably thought changing the shortcuts was a bad idea
[03:33 am]
Apos -- Plz do, for your own sanity
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