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[11:30 pm]
Jack -- Yeah
[10:54 pm]
Roy -- Also, your computer parts are expensive over there, Jack.
[10:52 pm]
Devourer -- (average)
[10:52 pm]
Devourer -- we have around 320 shouts per day since v6, lel
[10:38 pm]
Roy -- It will for the case I've picked out.
[10:37 pm]
Jack -- Huh. Not actually sure, assume for now that it doesn't. Will that make a difference for the case?
[10:36 pm]
Roy -- Does it need to have an optical drive?
[10:34 pm]
Jack -- Don't worry about peripherals, either.
[10:33 pm]
Jack -- Well, no specific budget but as it doesn't need to be much, I imagine it would be <$1000 NZD
[10:33 pm]
Jack -- It's like $2 a shot for jagermeister here, NZD (so like USD$1.65) but that's if you buy a bottle, not if you go to a bar
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