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[02:40 am]
TiKels -- I've found that the best results come from short but thorough messages. Say why you're bothering them, get your point across, show appreciation, get out. Also subject lines
[02:38 am]
zsnakezz -- ye
[02:37 am]
TiKels -- I think the real pussy is the person that doesn't try to contact the prof at all.
[02:37 am]
zsnakezz -- so that takes some sort of balls
[02:36 am]
TiKels -- Too many negatives w/e
[02:36 am]
zsnakezz -- not a pussy i dont think, he speaks what he thinks he knows
[02:36 am]
TiKels -- That's not to say that he's not a pussy, but he might also not NOT be a pussy
[02:35 am]
zsnakezz -- him*
[02:35 am]
zsnakezz -- corbo is all about himself, empathy is a milestone for hime
[02:35 am]
TiKels -- It's a skill that often takes empathy, thought, and time
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