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[01:23 am]
sigsaucy -- is this an ok way of doing it?
[01:23 am]
sigsaucy -- then concatonate the entries with Database = [a,b] where a,b are entries
[01:23 am]
sigsaucy -- i define entries as dictionaries
[01:22 am]
sigsaucy -- im makin a database in python and know no python
[01:04 am]
KrayZee -- :wob:
[12:17 am]
LoveLess -- Great example of their range, obvious inspirations from A Perfect Circle, Hard Rock bands like Godsmack and Corey Taylor's own Stoned Sour, plus they mixed the feel of Iowa and the Subliminal Verses
[12:15 am]
LoveLess -- new Slipknot album is great
[12:06 am]
jjf28 -- :moose:
[12:06 am]
Mini Moose 2707 -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: such that i can't fix nor find who to report for this:
What's wrong, don't like W R Case Knives?
[11:59 pm]
KrayZee -- :wob:
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