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[03:34 am]
BloodyZombie117 -- Generalpie
Generalpie shouted: The Evil Within's like 31.2GB
Yeah, Resident Gear 4 is big... I find it a fun game though.
[03:26 am]
SCRuler -- Ok Sand Wraith, files are in place now.
[03:19 am]
SCRuler -- SW, if you're there, I just gotta tell you right now that its not letting me save anymore files.
[02:53 am]
Generalpie -- Ohey Corbobo :3
[02:52 am]
jjf28 -- herro
[02:52 am]
[02:28 am]
Generalpie -- It's taking over an hour to download
[02:26 am]
Generalpie -- The Evil Within's like 31.2GB
[02:26 am]
Generalpie -- Why do AAA games have to be so big in file size?
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