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[04:17 am]
SCRuler -- just got a new comp, winmpq refuses to work keeps saying it cant access the registry
[03:37 am]
zsnakezz -- that goes for anyone not just fern
[03:37 am]
zsnakezz -- i need to test this thing out on someone
[03:36 am]
zsnakezz -- if you want to fight, im in us east in the overlords game
[03:36 am]
zsnakezz -- waka waka
[03:36 am]
zsnakezz -- i was really bored lately so i made a new map
[03:35 am]
zsnakezz -- as in, you capture buildings/states and build up a spawn progression
[03:34 am]
zsnakezz -- alright
[03:34 am]
lil-Inferno -- t believe you
[03:34 am]
lil-Inferno -- I don'
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