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[12:48 am]
Corbo -- ...
[12:43 am]
Corbo -- 3 minutes left!
[12:01 am]
trgk -- I just hard resetted :)
[12:01 am]
Roy -- Doing a git revert just reverts the changes made by the specified commit.
[12:00 am]
Roy -- Oh wait, did you mean how to checkout to an older version? Just do "git checkout <hash>", where <hash> is the hashcode for the commit.
[11:58 pm]
Corbo -- this waiting thing is boring... still 50 minutes left...
[11:58 pm]
Corbo -- going to go watch HIMYM
[11:58 pm]
Roy -- If you didn't push the commit yet, trgk, you can undo the last commit by doing "git reset --soft HEAD~1"
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