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[05:58 pm]
Dem0n -- How can he be a true computer scientist without his Doritos?
[05:57 pm]
Dem0n -- He can't eat Doritos around his girls, though :(
[05:49 pm]
lil-Inferno -- Well with a name like Roy Gallant, I'd hit it.
[05:09 pm]
Sacrieur -- Unless you're Roy, then all you gotta do is smile and nod and all the biches come a'runnin'.
[05:02 pm]
Sacrieur -- If you were a girl and talking about hair care. Which do you think is sexier: "Lololo you spent $120 on a flat iron? Pff women." OR: "Oh you got a nano tourmaline ionic straightener? Rockin' those are the best. And here I thought your hair was naturally straight. xD"
[04:57 pm]
Sacrieur -- I've had girls want to sleep with me because I know this shit, so you can call it girly if you want but hey, could get you laid xD
[04:56 pm]
Sacrieur -- And that's it, boom you're done.
[04:54 pm]
Sacrieur -- Then get yourself a curl relaxer on top of that.
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