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[12:52 pm]
Devourer -- tunak tunak tun best song ever
[12:52 pm]
Oh_Man -- true true, check it out!!
[12:51 pm]
Devourer -- you probably get out of the box of 15 minutes anyways
[12:50 pm]
Devourer -- When you "timed out" (inactive 15 minutes) and remain in the shoutbox in that time: shouting again will not put you there again
[12:50 pm]
Oh_Man -- Members in shoutbox: none. Oh no - I'm having an existential crisis!
[12:50 pm]
Oh_Man -- cheers
[12:16 pm]
trgk -- Some sites I know of, but they are not yet as big as what intothemap was.
[12:11 pm]
Devourer -- E.x.c.i.t.i.n.g, the one who made so many micro maps, hosted them there iirc
[12:11 pm]
Devourer -- intothemap.something was a korean database if I remember correctly
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