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[06:25 pm]
Xlil-InfernoDDD -- Luckily WE aren't all arrogant/ignorant.
[06:13 pm]
Wing Zero -- Nope thats right on the money
[06:07 pm]
Azrael -- I can't speak for the views of any non-Americans, though :P
[06:06 pm]
Azrael -- I feel comfortable saying that most Americans are arrogant and/or ignorant, though I also feel comfortable saying that about human beings in general, so I guess geographical location isn't an important part of my assertion.
[04:23 pm]
Roy -- Funny how people outside the U.S. make sweeping generalizations about the arrogance and ignorance of Americans, and when demonstrably shown to be wrong, act like the Americans they're talking to are the exceptions to the rule.
[04:04 pm]
Dem0n -- "Lanthanide -- yip, funny how a lot of American's are simply brainwashed into believing they live in the best country in the world, and any foreigners that tell them America isn't all it's cracked up to be are just "jealous"" I'm not sure where you're getting that from. I'm pretty sure we all know that America is retarded. Guess you've been consulting all the Americans down in New Zealand to get this information.
[11:07 am]
Devourer -- give more dedication to your work
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