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[04:53 pm]
Corbo -- awesome
[04:53 pm]
Corbo -- So I'm not dead again today
[04:41 pm]
Generalpie -- 1900 come already
[04:38 pm]
*Generalpie -- yawns and sips tea*
[04:34 pm]
jjf28 -- :teach:
[04:31 pm]
Sand Wraith -- This is too great
[04:30 pm]
Sand Wraith -- oh my fucking goddess
[04:30 pm]
Sand Wraith -- Lanthanide -- the "dirty version" eh? reow" >> is this for real? Did Lanth actually say this?
[04:29 pm]
Vrael -- I think Nude just solicited for prostitution on SEN.... I think there's something in the ToS about that...
[01:55 pm]
NudeRaider -- * how great vetenarians are
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