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[10:01 am]
Clokr_ -- My experience with tabs as spaces was bad, but probably because of the editor I was using in which the tab key was translated always to 4 spaces and not to spaces until the next 4-aligned column.
[09:53 am]
Clokr_ -- Tabs are as bad as loaded guns now. I'm just curious: if there are two people collaborating on a project, and they prefer distinct indentation lengths (4 spaces vs 2 spaces for example), how do you deal with this situation without tabs?
[09:36 am]
Sacrieur -- Because I mean it's only a problem if it goes off, right?
[09:35 am]
Sacrieur -- May as well carry a loaded gun around with the safety off and cocked and hope it doesn't end up going off by accident.
[09:34 am]
Sacrieur -- There's no reason to use an inferior format just 'cause.
[09:34 am]
Sacrieur -- Especially Skype.
[09:34 am]
Clokr_ -- I think I agree though that except when you are working with plain text (and fixed-width fonts) there are usually better options than tabs for indenting.
[09:33 am]
Sacrieur -- I never have any problems copying or pasting my code anywhere, either. Places such as pastebin or skype work just fine. But they don't handle tabs nearly as well.
[09:32 am]
Sacrieur -- I was working off of a template.
[09:32 am]
Clokr_ -- Why didn't you use spaces?
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