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[05:08 am]
Roy -- My statement was simple: you don't have to be a zealot to be an advocate, and the former is more likely to alienate than unite people.
[05:04 am]
Roy -- Or "edgy neckbeards"?
[04:57 am]
Sand Wraith -- Or "extremists."
[04:57 am]
Sand Wraith -- Roy
Roy shouted: Not sure what you're getting at, Sand Wraith.
If you want to talk about desensitization, don't bring in "extremism". That's all.
[04:21 am]
Dem0n -- yeah
[04:12 am]
jjf28 -- insta ban?
[04:08 am]
jjf28 -- yea oops, 2x missing mod nights
[04:04 am]
Dem0n -- oops
[04:04 am]
Dem0n -- literately fuck everyone
[04:04 am]
Dem0n -- literately fuck everyone
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