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[07:18 pm]
Sacrieur -- I don't live in the 90s anymore.
[07:17 pm]
Dem0n -- ew does anyone have square monitors
[07:10 pm]
Sacrieur -- Explain to me what that is.
[06:53 pm]
Devourer -- Sooo... is the fixed width for this skin okay?
[06:50 pm]
jjf28 -- one does not simply bring deerwhales back
[06:36 pm]
Dem0n -- The chevrons are cute.
[06:30 pm]
Sacrieur -- I think Dev did a fantastic job :3
[06:26 pm]
Devourer -- Curently waiting for the reparser to finish
[06:25 pm]
Dem0n -- Devourer, please bring my beloved deerwhale back
[06:07 pm]
Devourer -- <3 stars icons on green skin, yessss
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