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[10:49 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- Nah, man, Bernie lost, you can't do it again, shut up and vote for Hillary
[10:48 pm]
Fire_Kame -- :lol:
[10:42 pm]
Fire_Kame -- what's left for me in this world
[10:42 pm]
Fire_Kame -- where am I supposed to get scantily clad anime girls if not steam
[10:18 pm]
Excalibur -- The sales are too much for your PC to handle. GG Kame.
[09:44 pm]
Fire_Kame -- my summer sale purchase crashed Steam :-(
[09:42 pm]
Fire_Kame -- it's been refreshing watching the world take the shit out of another country for once
[09:42 pm]
Mini Moose 2707 -- w/e
[09:30 pm]
lil-Inferno -- but our ?'s lined up
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