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[09:12 am]
Azrael -- It wasn't bad.
[09:11 am]
Azrael -- While it was moving, there were sometimes obstacles and stuff to get through before you disappeared off the screen, and then it'd stop and you'd fight a bunch of enemies until you beat them all.
[09:10 am]
Azrael -- While the screen was moving, you died if you dropped off the back end.
[09:10 am]
Azrael -- I played one of those at least 5 years ago.
[09:09 am]
Azrael -- They did.
[08:38 am]
Zoan -- omg someone should make a side scrolling brawler on sc. You know, one of those that flashes "Area Clear. Continue ---->" every time you kill everyone on screen
[06:11 am]
Heinermann -- Apos: you watched a movie then you sucked a dick? I had no idea.
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