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[02:49 pm]
Generalpie -- Pfft no. I play against someone who /does/ though
[02:27 pm]
Azrael -- I was confused because someone admitted to using Eldrazi.
[01:24 pm]
Generalpie -- "NudeRaider -- I see. Well I was confused because the cards are real it's still a game of fiction. Like try to "sacrifice a creature you don't own" - and suddenly your neighbors cat is gone :P " That too
[12:50 pm]
LoveLess -- It's Michael Lat, aka, Yoshi_da_Sniper
[11:33 am]
Roy -- 10/10, would sigh at pun again.
[09:42 am]
TF- -- Impressive...
[09:34 am]
Zoan -- A Stark-raft!
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