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Last 12 Starcraft : Broodwar Maps uploaded
Detection Threshold
Cosmic $ܶremacy 1.07
Experiment Telezergling
Custom Spaceship RP 1.01
Spaceship Combat 2.0 Incomplete
Spaceship Combat 1.06
Great Wizards 1.05
Spaceship RP 2.02
Yamato Gunnery 1.7

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[10:49 pm]
CaptainWill -- It reported one of the rails at 0V, so I'm thinking it's just a reporting issue
[10:49 pm]
CaptainWill -- If my mobo's monitoring software reports a couple of random voltage spikes and drops in the space of a couple of days, should I be concerned?
[10:48 pm]
Devourer -- lul
[10:29 pm]
jjf28 -- it occurs to me... I never monitor changes to force names so changing them right now does nothing :O
[09:38 pm]
jjf28 -- my string editor now edits strings :wob:
[09:00 pm]
Roy -- Yeah, ᆲᄎᄆ￟ᆵ゙ヒワラ would have been a harder cipher to crack.
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