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[12:44 pm]
Roy -- That trigger can only add, TF-.
[12:23 pm]
TF- -- sigs: try that Set Hangar trigger
[09:40 am]
sigsaucy -- the 900 hp business only worked sporadically, most of the time it wouldnt launch any interceptors
[09:12 am]
RIVE -- Clearly an Interceptor's HP must be 900 for a Carrier carrying 8 Interceptors to be limited to only 1.
[08:08 am]
sigsaucy -- anyone know how to limit a carrier to 1 interceptor? remove unit isnt isnt working while interceptor in carrier.
[08:04 am]
sigsaucy -- ah. apparently if interceptor hp is too high it bugs..... it was only around 900, strange
[07:52 am]
sigsaucy -- or why only 1 interceptor would launch even though the carrier has 8
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