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[06:11 am]
Heinermann -- Apos: you watched a movie then you sucked a dick? I had no idea.
[05:41 am]
NudeRaider -- Yeah Apos, the finished product is probably the one with the most awesomeness per pixel. But just watching that you probably won't grasp the sheer dedication and detail that went into each animal. And since she included story and showed WIPs it's worth showing the process too, especially for our artists here at SEN.
[03:56 am]
Wing Zero -- Inf i need my box fix
[03:31 am]
Dem0n -- I was about to watch that, but it just came out, so I'm sure the torrents are being tracked lul
[03:00 am]
Xlil-InfernoDDD -- You watched "The Amazing Spider Man 2" in 3D, and then sucked dick?
[02:54 am]
OP)Apos -- I mean wtf
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