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New Release - StarCraft: Inconsummate   Jun 11 2017, 10:18 pm  

Consume the firstborn. Conquer the Terrans. Leave nothing of the Protoss homeworld untouched.
Aiur must fall.

Experience Inconsummate, a brand new custom campaign for StarCraft: Brood War!
Crafted by Pr0nogo, this Zerg-centered campaign is set during the fall of Aiur, amidst the Overmind's quest to
unite the creations of the Xel'naga. Designed to augment the existing story of StarCraft, Inconsummate
features a diverse voice cast, custom terrain, new heroes and abilities, and much more!

Official Thread and Download Link

SEN is proud to present projects created by members of our community. If you have a project you would like to be featured on the site, or if you have a suggestion for another member's work that you feel should receive more recognition, feel free to contact the staff with your suggestion.
Posted by: Roy

Merry Christmas 2016!   Dec 25 2016, 3:10 pm  
Merry Christmas!

On behalf of all of the staff members here at SEN, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and in a week from today, a Happy New Year. I interviewed each of SEN's most prominent staff members to share their experiences of 2016.

Quote from DevliN

Q: Hey Devlin! How was your 2016?

A: [DevliN was not available for comment]
Quote from NudeRaider

Q: Hi Nude! What are your plans for Christmas?

A: Well, I mostly plan on browsing imgur and sharing links in the Shoutbox of the most Facebooky images I can find. Why'd you guys elect Donald Trump, anyway?

Q: Hey, I'm the one asking questions here!

A: What's the next question?

Q: Stop asking questions!
Quote from Devourer

Q: Hey Devourer! Another year under SEN v6: how do you feel?

A: SEN v6 is a disaster. If I had time, I would rewrite it.

Q: Really? Do you remember the days of MySQL deciding to go on vacation?

A: Sure, we've improved since v5, but nobody wants to touch the code base, and there are so many things I'd change if I had the time.

Q: Nobody wants to touch the code base?

A: Well, nobody that you guys want touching the code base.

Q: Uh... erm... well...
Quote from O)FaRTy1billion[MM]

Q: Hey Farty! What's your most memorable experience of 2016?

A: I'm still trying to figure out Windows 10. Why can't they just make an OS as good as XP was?

Q: XP is old!

A: Yeah.

Q: ...

A: ...

Q: Any 2017 resolutions?

A: 1080p.
Quote from Excalibur

Q: Excalibur! How's it going?

A: Good. I updated one of my old projects recently.

Q: Fun! What kind of project?

A: A map, of course. This is a mapping community, you know.

Q: What? People still play Brood War?

A: You know this is going on Portal News, right? Why are you bashing SC1 when it's what this site is all about?

Q: Oh, Excalibur, even if Brood War dies, the community shall live on! Right?

A: I'll be here until SEN's last breath, but when the players are gone, so is the community.

Q: What about SC2?

A: [Excalibur has left the channel]
Posted by: Roy

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 from SEN!   Nov 24 2016, 7:25 pm  

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members on behalf of the staff here at SEN.
We hope you all have a safe and wonderful binge in celebration of the harvest.

I used to think turkeys would hate the day of Thanksgiving, but when you think about it, all the turkeys that will get eaten have already been slaughtered long before this day. In reality, the turkeys that are still alive should celebrate another year of life, as they survived the culling.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, humans and turkeys alike.
Posted by: Roy

Source: BNETDocs.

Blizzard recently uploaded a StarCraft patch file to their FTP server, marked as "BW-1170". While it's unclear if this is the finalized patch that is going to be pushed out on in the near future, it's currently not live, and you cannot connect to the servers if you decide to patch manually. For those who do want to patch their game (and understand the risks, yadda yadda), here's a direct link to the file:

As for the patch notes, the following was procured from... somewhere...

Starcraft and Brood War Patch Information
- patch 1.17.0
Specific Changes & Improvements

- Increased turn rate to lower unit response times over gameplay
- Fixed palette issues to correct "rainbow water" and other graphic artifacts
- Fixed text artifacting in the menus
- First client run will migrate saves to avoid issues from Windows system admin changes

Known Issue

- Mac is not supported this patch, but is in progress

It sounds like mostly compatibility fixes, and a true fix to the color distortion issue that's been around since the days of Windows Vista. The most interesting patch note is the claim of a reduced game latency over, though "Increased turn rate" is a strange way to phrase it (unless they literally mean they've increased the turn radius speed for all units when playing on

It's very likely that the reason the patch has not been pushed out is due to the lack of Mac compatibility. This means it could very well be the completed patch, and it's only being delayed until the ported version is also ready.

The most alarming concerns are centered around what this patch breaks. EUDs are naturally unstable between patches, so many UMS maps will no longer function once the patch rolls out. Further, there have been reports of windowed mode being nonfunctional after patching the game. It's unclear how many utilities will need to be updated to accommodate this patch at this time.

BNETDocs noted the following changes:
  • The patch introduces BlizzardError.exe and SystemSurvey.exe to StarCraft for the first time.
  • battle.snp, standard.snp, StarEdit.exe, and storm.dll are now digitally signed.
  • The latest digital signatures were signed on July 11.
  • W-Mode plugin is broken despite the author's claims that it works with any version of StarCraft.
  • Alt+tabbing out causes other windows to be resized to 640x480 resolution.
  • StarCraft's new base address is 0x01190000, old base address is 0x0040000.
  • Screenshotting in the interface automatically saves to your clipboard instead of opening a dialog.
  • Screenshots are now saved in PNG format instead of PCX.
  • StarCraft now requires CheckRevision's .dll to be digitally signed.

How do you feel about the patch? Is it too little, too late? Is it going to be great because all of those pesky hacks are going to be broken as well?
Posted by: Roy

Merry Christmas 2015!   Dec 25 2015, 8:09 am  
Merry Christmas!

The War on Christmas is over, and Christmas won! In celebration of this historic event, SEN would like to wish you a Merry Christmas (as opposed to a "Happy Holidays"). On behalf of all the staff here, I would like to wish you all a safe celebration this Friday.

Actually, since I'm speaking on behalf of all the staff, I may as well make up fake speeches for all of them. That'll teach them for leaving it up to poor old Roy to write up the holiday thread!

Quote from DevliN

Hello SEN, Devlin here. You know, it's been a very busy 2015, and while I have not been around as often as I would like, I'm still happy to watch the community thrive. If I had to surmise the reason SEN has been doing so well lately, it would be the contributions of our best member, Roy. Roy is such a great guy, and I, DevliN, am considering promoting him past Elite to a new rank that only Roy deserves, along with making him an administrator of the site. In any case, have a wonderful holiday season, from us to you!
Quote from NudeRaider

Hi, I'm NudeRaider, though you can call me Nude. Most of you know me as a Global Moderator who trolls imgur and posts links in the Shoutbox. The holidays are a time of celebration, and I personally celebrate having met my best friend Roy. You see, in the simplest terms, Roy is the best at just about everything. And he's extremely modest as well, so you'd never hear about him bragging about how great he is, which makes him even greater of a person. I aspire to some day be as great as the great Roy, but until that day comes, I shall continue serving the community where I can as Roy's disciple. Merry Christmas!
Quote from Devourer

Hey SEN, Devourer checking in! This is a big year for SEN, as it's the first full year on v6. Due to this programmatic success, I'd like you all to refer to me as "Dev the Dev" from now on. Though we must remember I did not build v6 on my own: there were people who helped me, such as Roy. I learned everything I know about programming from Roy: he is truly a genius worthy of admiration and respect. Roy is such an inspiration to me that I'm considering doing yet another overhaul on SEN for v7, so stay tuned on that!
Quote from O)FaRTy1billion[MM]

Good day, Staredit Network. I'm Farty. I operate the bot in the overwhelmingly successful channel Op SEN on USEast. When I'm not busy monitoring the channel, I like to make shouts in the Box of Shouts. The primary objective in this endeavor is to catch the attention of Roy. Be sure to join me in wishing Roy a Merry Christmas in the Box of Shouts, and have a Merry Christmas yourselves.
Quote from Excalibur

I am Excalibur. I came to SEN on my 13th birthday. From the moment I joined I started my pursuit of befriending Roy. In my years on Bnet, I've served as a member, officer, and technical operator of clans such as the original USEast make of S.T.A.R.S, BNU, [MM], UBCS, RPoS, AH, DI, and numerous others. In every case I tried to show other places on the web the value of content, those who produce it, and the lasting effect of a community based around a game. These are things I learned from Roy, and the things he taught me are of indescribable value. I cherish and try to honor all of Roy who came before me to give us all the SEN we have today. There have been countless hours of effort poured into the coding and skinning to make the site, and even more on the content and posts added to it. Here's to you, SEN.
Quote from Mini Moose 2707

I'm shaking my head at this quote, because I'm not even staff anymore, in my opinion. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Festichristmahanukwanzadanfriday on behalf of SEN in two thousand and fifteen.
Posted by: Roy

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from SEN!   Nov 26 2015, 5:41 pm  

Happy Thanksgiving to all our members on behalf of the staff here at SEN.
We hope you all have a safe and wonderful binge in celebration of the harvest.

You know, a lot of people ask me, "Hey Roy, how do you draw these turkeys? Are you naturally gifted in drawing?" The answer is, in fact, no! Anyone with a little ambition and a lot of practice can make a wonderful turkey drawing. Allow me to show you in this quick tutorial.

Here's the secret: you can use your hand to help shape your turkey! Place your non-dominant hand on a flat surface, like on a table or desk, as shown below:

Next, using your other hand, begin drawing a turkey on the back of the hand. A turkey shape should come together naturally:

Simple, isn't it? Now that you have your turkey drawn on your hand, take a picture and load it into your favorite expensive image editing application. Remove all the background outside of the turkey you just drew:

Now comes the fun part! Color in the feathers of your turkey. You can use any realistic colors to have it come out looking nice. I chose pure yellow, hot pink, sky blue, and mystery red. When you're done, it should look like this:

The final touches are all you need now. Draw a beautiful wing on the center, an eye (looking in front of the turkey for realism), a beak, a gizzard, and the legs and feet. Remember that turkeys skip leg day, so don't draw the legs too thick, or it won't look realistic.

And there you have it! These amazing turkeys are incredibly simple to make, and yet they look so recognizable. Impress your friends with your artistic skills.

We accidentally left the Thanksgiving topic open in 2008, and chaos ensued. However, we here at SEN are not ones to learn from our mistakes, so we're going to leave this topic open for discussion. Feel free to share your Thanksgiving plans, or show us the amazing turkeys you've drawn!
Posted by: Roy

[07:30 am]
TF- -- Corbo
Corbo shouted: It's either spectre or a really buffed civilian with a gun
[06:22 am]
Voyager7456 -- KrayZee
KrayZee shouted: 'Skinny' repeal still lacks votes... lol
Pr0nogo shouted: mad and wrong, what a combo
mad but not wrong as it turns out lmao
[06:16 am]
Corbo -- awww yessss, music in a format where you can actually distinguish the instruments
[06:13 am]
Corbo -- can you guys listen to that?
[06:08 am]
Corbo -- wtf is this lmaoo
[06:08 am]
[06:08 am]
Lanthanide -- haha republicans, can't even repeal a law they've been obsessed about for 7 years
[06:07 am]
Corbo -- LMAO
[06:05 am]
Corbo -- and by mutalisk I obviously mean ultralisk
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